LoveLocks Wedding Ceremony

Here are some great pictures of our love lock tree during the ceremony.  There are some from before the ceremony, and wow it definitely pieced together the altar and looked beautiful while people walked in.  After the ceremony we placed it by the guest book table, so many people stopped to take a closer look!  We had lots of comments on how neat it was.  I also added a couple pictures of it now on our wall in our family room!   We were laughing when our mom’s were up there locking their locks because my mom, being a total perfectionist, made a map and practiced with my mother in law where their locks needed to be placed so they would look good and not slide down over the words on the frame!  This love lock tree has added great memories already!  I love the meaning behind the tree and the locks, and I think it is just a beautiful addition to weddings.  It looks amazing on display in our family room, and I can’t wait to add more locks to it as our family grows.
Thank you again for your wonderful costumer service.  I can say nothing but amazing things about your company!  I wish you all the best!  Chris & Tara

The LoveLocks Tree of Life Wedding Ceremony is a beautiful addition to a wedding ceremony.  Custom engraved padlocks with special messages or wishes make it a perfect day!