“Unique honeymoon destinations for newly weds”

Article by Amy Lawson   http://dvlacontacts.co.uk/

More and more newlyweds are finding trouble with destinations for honeymoons of late. One would wonder if it’s a coincidence with the rising populations or is it that more people are getting married than we ever thought? Could be a case of first come first served then but that’s somebody else’s problem, we will tell you where you should be heading just after tying the knot.

These are some of the most sought places on the continent for honeymoons of a life time. If you are planning to put a ring on some finger soon, you might as well start arranging for a trip to these 5 unique honeymoon destinations.

The Bora Bora

Everywhere you go they are singing Bora Bora… what’s going on? Save for the name, nobody knows how they would give such a name to one of the most luxurious resorts in the world anyway. The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa is a place of its own kind. Bungalows rest on high stilts that raise them over lagoons with each bungalow owning a swimming platform. You can throw yourself into the pools anytime of the day or just get a view of the lagoon as the sun rises without leaving your bungalow. Or still why not get some pampering from the overlooking Hina Spa!

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Hawaii is known for all its exploits in the tourism industry and this is another testament to its irresistible adventure. The resort is perfect for newlyweds with lots to explore and enough to view. Take a dip at the Groove Pool to start things off then proceed to Kings Pond pool for more of the same thing. It has a luxurious spa too where you can get a couples massage’. In the meantime you can hit the dvla phone number as you await a rental car for the stay. Then there is one romantic private dinner and daily breakfast during the stay.

Grand hotel Florence

It’s all fun in Italy! So much fun for honeymooners!! From tastiest meals to the renowned Italian art and the joy of travel to other cities such as Rome and Venice you won’t miss some adventure. The hotel is housed in an 18th century palace overlooking River Arno. Enjoy the spectacular Italian culture. Shopping can be done at Ponte Vecchio and the famous Duomo Cathedral and Uffizi Gallery are just adjacent. What’s on the ceiling…its stained glass!

Walt Disney world

This place is specifically designed for romantic honeymoons and they do everything to turn them into fairy tales. Couples can choose from honeymoon packages such as The Deluxe Escape, The Romantic Escape or a Honeymoon Escape. Accommodation is perfect and you can take Disney site pictures. You could even take a whole wedding to the Disney World.

Camino Real Acapulco Diamante 

It’s never cold in Acapulco. Swimming can go on into the night and you can snorkel throughout the stay. There are some great dining options here too and guest rooms are top of the class. Some natural beauty for nature lovers is also on offer. Overlooking the Camino is the Pichilingue Beach. But the best thing about this place has to be its two adults-only pools!

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