When Your Best Furry Friend Passes

When a pet dies, it’s OK to cry…

Your furry friends are part of your loving family and it’s very hard to loose that special relationship.  So I thought I would share this article about coping with a pets death.  I was really touched by Martina M. Cartwright Ph.D., R.D thoughts on this subject.

Many of us who love our pets more than some relatives, losing them after so many years of unconditional love can be heart wrenching and excruciating.  Today there are support groups, blogs and other resources to help grief stricken pet lovers cope with their loss, but it is still a subject that makes many uncomfortable.

In Western culture, we spoil our pets however, to those who haven’t had the pleasure of including a furry friend in their family, the concept of indulging a dog, cat or other creature can be puzzling and silly.  Some believe it is inappropriate to be sad over the loss of “just a pet” but to those of us who experienced it, the devastation is real. When friends announced the deaths of their furry buddies on Facebook, many commented kindly, yet some were uncertain how to respond to the death of a non-human. Moreover, the sad pet owners were unsure how to “act” and kept apologizing for the showers of shed tears, missed days of work and depressed mood.  But why should they be sorry?  The death of loved one, whether animal or human, is emotionally painful.


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