Love and Commitment: LoveLocks Tree of Life Becomes a Popular Wedding Unity Ceremony

LoveLocks unity ceremony is a unique way of expressing love and commitment.  This sacred ritual symbolizes the joining of two separate journeys into a singular path and honors the spiritual commitment the couple is making.

For decades, modern couples have been lighting candles, mixing different colors of sand and releasing lanterns as a unity ceremony.  However, many couples are looking for distinct ways to infuse their wedding day with personal touches and putting a unique twist on this traditional custom.  A LoveLocks unity ceremony is the perfect way to achieve this goal.  The idea of “locking your love” together for eternity is a creative way to incorporate a Love Locks ceremony into wedding celebrations.  The personalized items used in the ceremony usually become a keepsake that are displayed in the home or pulled out for special occasions to remind you of the vows that were pledged. The message engraved on a LoveLock is the promise of love, acceptance and unity.   Locking a LoveLock to the Tree of Life is a reminder of the reason couples have come together.  LoveLocks lock ONE time ONLY, there is NO key, which symbolizes the commitment to each other for eternity.  Love is locked forever!

If blending of two families is to be represented, the LoveLocks Tree of Life ceremony can involve them also.  Additional petite LoveLocks can be engraved and locked to the leaves and branches of the Tree of Life. Each child is as individual and unique as a leaf on a tree.  With love, compassion and patience they will reach high & wide and become as strong as the roots.  Locking the family together as one.

Parents are the foundation of the couples beginning and can be included; as they lock onto the roots of the Tree of Life it represents the strength and support.  The message engraved on LoveLocks is the commitment and joy shared with the couple and the blessing they have been.

As life unfolds in its many directions, the branches will bear its celebrations of life to come.

Connecting two hearts together…and love will be forever!   Mallory’s and Michael’s Tree of Life Wedding Video


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