Recipe for a Lovelocks Date

Recipe for a REALLY wonderful DATE NIGHT:  Take one custom engraved love padlock, one box of your favorite chocolates, one bottle of your favorite beverage, one outing to a romantic location of your choice to “lock your love”, feed each other chocolates and sip, and spend a little one on one together.  Doesn’t get any…

One More Custom Engraved Padlock

Custom Engraved Love Padlocks … Lovelocks was inspired by all the engraved love padlocks by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a fence, gate or poles symbolizing their eternal LOVE.  Couples are now expressing their love here in the USA with Lovelocks!

Custom Engraved Lovelocks make it to Ireland

Sharon wrote: “LOL LoveLocks – just saw this! These are mine – they arrived safely in Ireland, thanks! Holding off till Jan 2012 to lock ours on the 20th anniversary of our relationship’s beginning. We ordered one for each of our dogs too with their birthdates enscribed as keepsakes. Really pleased with the final product.…

Love Sweet Love!

 I traveled to Europe and Russia this summer…and guess what I found? People locking their love World Wide!!  We are so happy to be a part of something so great!!   Even in the old city of Novgorod Russia they are locking in their love! *sigh* Love sweet Love!  Paris, France. Love is in the Air…and…


We did our Love Locks at Vegas Weddings in Las Vegas last week! We renewed our vows for our 10th wedding anniversary! It says, “Tommy & Jamie G. Then, Now, FOREVER 7/21/01 7/21/11!

Guests are invited too!

Mill Creek Inn has it’s very own Lovelocks “Lovescape”.  Brides are including Lovelocks in their weddings.  Family and friends can custom engrave ” love wishes” for the couple with a Lovelock.