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Valentine’s day is coming soon…

I love this post. Amazing photo! Tuesday 14th February 2012 … so spending some days in Paris you may pass by the Pont des Arts and attach your personalized love padlock to the fence. It will be a Fab and romantic idea … then do not forget to throw the key in the Seine !!!

More Happy Customers

Some more great feedback from a happy LoveLocks UK customer!…”I’m so impressed with our lock. It was delivered so quickly and is just perfect! I was also really impressed with the communication from you even when I was being indecisive with my engraving! Will definitely be recommending to my friends. Can’t wait to lock ours at Le Pont Des .

Coming Soon…New Item

The “New” Declaration Plaque is a great way to personalize weddings, anniversaries, memorials and any occasion gifts. More and more people today are choosing to do more than what is considered traditional. Families and friends are looking for unique ways to customize their moments of choice.

Lovelocks in London

A photographic record of every love lock on the Millennium Bridge in London on the 22nd of July 2011.  Photographer Chris Ceayres kindly gave us permission to use these amazing photos as well as the online Love Locks book. The online Love Locks book and photos will be available on our website for you to enjoy. Lovelocks, Inc. launched .

Lock in Love…Love and acceptance

I love this…We all should read this! Lock in LOVE! The boy you punched in the hall today…committed suicide a few minutes ago. That girl you called a slut in class today…she is a virgin. The boy you called lame…he has to work every night to support his family. That girl you pushed down the other day…is already being .

Love Padlocks! Hohenzollern Bridge, Cologne, Germany 2011

No matter how many times I see this bridge it still takes by breath away.  The amount of LOVE padlocks attached to the Hohenzollern Bridge is amazing.  If all of us could just share even a portion of this LOVE and ACCEPTANCE with someone else, the world would defiantly be a better place.  Share this amazing tradition with someone .

Engagement Shoot in Paris

We stumbled upon this amazing blog about an engagement shoot in Paris by Juliane Berry Photography, where a couple is locking their LOVE … and to our surprize, Lovelocks UK and a Lovelocks’ Lovescape did appear.   Great job!  We love Juliane Berry Photography.

Make “Locking Your Love” safe, social and legal…

City bans skateboarding…deemed dangerous City Council  voted to add an ordinance to the city’s municipal code that would prohibit skateboarding and similar activities in certain areas of the city, such as steep canyons and parking lots, where they are considered dangerous. The city will post signs prohibiting skateboarding on 10 public streets; violators will be fined between $25 and .

Mélomane Dreamer

We love this comment and the great photo about Love Padlocks.  This is a beautiful LOVE tradition and a real token of LOVE by couples, families and friends.  Countries and cities around the world should look at creating a safe a legal place for people to “lock their love”. Love padlocks.  by Zed The Dragon’s photostream (Flickr) In several .
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