Love Locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

 This is a great story…

By: Lisa Tsen

 I wandered off as I usually did when exploring a new city in another country. Köln is a beautiful place situated in the west of Germany graced by a gothic cathedral that dwarfs the rest of the city. As I stood there admiring the grand cathedral before me, I overheard a conversation between a couple just behind me.

“We should check out the love locks, babe. It would be so romantic,” she swooned. I could picture her holding her hands and looking up towards the sky as she said this.

“What are love locks? Is this a girl thing? And where is it? Is this a museum?” he sighed. I could picture him in defeat knowing it was one of those things he had to give in to do to make his woman happy.

“They’re at that bridge just over there where the trains run. People buy the padlocks and lock them on the bridge and then throw away the keys into the river below to show their undying love for each other. Maybe we can do that? I wonder if there’s a place we can a lock? Oh! We can have our names engraved too! …” I tuned her out as she continued in excitement. She gave me enough information to peek my curiosity. Why not check out these love locks she was talking about. And so off I went heading towards the Hohenzollern Bridge.


Love Locks

Love Locks