Lovelocks “Tree of Life” Ceremony

Jessica and Michael were the first couple in the USA to share with family and friends the Lovelocks “Tree of Life” ceremony at their wedding.  Prior to their ceremony, Jessica and Michael along with their parents personally engraved love padlocks.   They incorperated the Lovelocks “Tree of Life” into their wedding ceremony.  It was absolutely beautiful.  This is one of the most unique ways to unite families together.

Understanding the “Tree of Life” Ceremony

Your parents are the foundation of your beginning until now; they lock onto the root of the tree in strength and support.

The love lock you hold is a symbol of your commitment to one another.  The message written upon your love lock is the promise of love, acceptance and unity.

As your life unfolds in its many directions, the branches will bear its celebrations of life to come.

Today you connect two hearts together…your love will be forever.