The Key to Locking Your Love

We are honored to be featured in Southern Utah Bride Magazine.  They have followed this story of a bride and groom to their final destination of LOVE.

Surprisingly, it led them around the world and right back to their own backyard in Southern Utah!  Love Locks are now being locally made and on display at 231 S. Main in St. George and also in Springville.  They quickly went to see them and asked their wedding planner to figure out a way to incorporate it in their celebration. They first decided to get each other locks, write something special on each one, and hang it on the Main St Gate. It was truly a unique way to show their loyalty and commitment to each other as they added their own personal lock to the others in a public place that they can revisit in the years to come and share with their posterity.  On their wedding day they were so excited at the prospect of having their very own “Hearts Together” Love Lock tree which they and their parents all put locks on as part of the ring ceremony.  It was such a meaningful gesture for the both of them, and is something they will keep close and treasure forever.True love will never be broken!