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LoveLocks in Paris

LoveLocks in Paris

Liz shared these wonderful pictures of LoveLocks in Paris.  They show the passion of the ancient tradition of “Locking your Love”.  Creative talent  for sure!  Couples are traveling to Paris for their honeymoons, anniversaries and renewal of their comments and finding the perfect spot to  lock the love.  Bridges, gates and secret places hold some very special LOVE! LoveLocks .
LoveLocks in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh sees a love affair…

LoveLocks are again making the news…calling out to couples, families and friends.   The artful display love padlocks that are engraved with special messages are screaming HELLO! As thousands of fans streamed across the Roberto Clemente Bridge Tuesday night before the Pirates wild card game against the Cincinnati Reds, their eyes were fixed on the bright lights of PNC Park, .
Romeo & Juliet on Broadway

LoveLocks meet Romeo & Juliet on Broadway

LoveLocks has the great opportunity to partner up with all the Broadway shows in New York.  The Richard Rodgers Theater has installed a “Lovescape” for everyone to lock their LOVE to.    You are invited to lock you LOVE with a custom engraved LoveLock prior to seeing your favorite Broadway shows. ROMEO & JULIET Starring Orlando Bloom & Condola Rashad .
Unique honeymoon destinations for newly weds

“Unique honeymoon destinations for newly weds”

Article by Amy Lawson More and more newlyweds are finding trouble with destinations for honeymoons of late. One would wonder if it’s a coincidence with the rising populations or is it that more people are getting married than we ever thought? Could be a case of first come first served then but that’s somebody else’s problem, we .
Unlocking the secrets of the Love Locks

Love Locks On Eagles Meadow Bridge

The topic of Love Locks are showing up everyday now…will they stay or will they have to go?   The Eagles Meadow Bridge is just one of the newest  places for the famous LOVE padlocks. Over the past few days a number of Eagles Meadow shoppers have noticed some ‘love locks’ attached to the bridge.  Currently there are three locks .

LoveLocks in Paris

We LOVE it when we get amazing feed back from our customers.  And it’s s special bonus when they send us photos.  Robert and his lovey wife shared they 40th anniversary together in Paris.    They placed their LoveLock on the Pont des Arts bridge near the Louvre during their trip to Paris in July.  He surprised his wife with .

Film unlocks stories on the theme of love

Make my day!!!  When I read this article about the feature-length film, produced by ScreenACT and called Locks of Love,  I barely could sit still.  It is an  anthology of 10 short stories linked by the theme of love, and all feature a padlock somewhere in the story.  Other movies like the Karate Kid and  See Me Now both .

Suprise wedding in Paris arranged by the groom!

Thank you …again  French Wedding Style for featuring one of our own LoveLocks and this amazing wedding on your blog.  We get so excited when we see our LoveLocks bringing so much LOVE and JOY to couples sharing this ancient tradition of “locking their love”. Anne & A.J. Married Paris, April 12, 2013 A wedding in Paris is a .

Bridges in Venice: with or without love padlocks?

What is your preference?  There is controversy about Love Padlocks around the world.  Yea or Nay???  I personally think it is an amazing and unique way to share your LOVE.  Couples, families and friends are now enjoying this ancient tradition of “locking your love”.  If LOVE can be displayed and adorned then why not let it be…YES, lock your .
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