“Little Buddy”

Little Buddy Dylan Ryan Slack passed away March 19, 2010 at Primary Children’s Hospital from Ataxia Telangiectasia, (A-T).
Once the family heard about the LoveLocks they knew they needed one for Dylan. His sister Riley and grandma went up to Springdale to the Lovescape by the entrance to Zion on Feb 25, 2011 to “lock their love” to Little Bubby Dylan.

They picked the spot so the Lovelock will hang down in the middle. He was the center of their lives and will always be. He is loved dearly and is missed so very much. They enjoyed so many great memories with him, from outings in St. George area to Lego land in CA! He especially loved to go to the air show at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas! Little Buddy Dylan is now part of the Lovelocks family forever!