Lovelocks “Lovescape”

Zion Canyon Village, Springdale, Utah “Lovescape”.
Lovelocks are starting to show up. Lovers, couples, tourists and community members are enjoying the Lovelocks experience. It really doesn’t matter the reason or who you are… just Lock On!

Inspire us!
I am going to share with you one of my favorite spots in Southern Utah. The “Lovescape” at Zion Canyon Village, Springdale. Is there anything more romantic that committing your love to another person, sealing it with a Lovelock? What’s a Lovelock? Ahhhh…. this is the romantic part. No one is really sure where the Love Lock or Love Padlock tradition started, although there are varying theories, but the story is that young and old lovers alike commit their love to each other in the most symbolic way possible by adding a Love Lock to a bridge, pole or gate. Each Love Lock is inscribed with a romantic little tidbit, names, dates, meaningful quotes and dreamy thoughts. How incredibly romantic is that? Enjoy and I’d love to hear your own favorite romantic stories this week.