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Capt. Jack Sparrow is looking to “Lock his Love”

Genres: Action , romantic, spontanious and emotional Pirates of the Caribbean’s, Capt. Jack Sparrow, seams to be looking to “Lock his Love” Las Vegas style.  A couple of engraved Lovelocks are  spotted at Treasure Island.  Must be movie time!!!   Synopsis: Flamboyant seafarer Capt. Jack Sparrow lands himself in a bit of a bind after being lured by a enigmatic siren .

Red Moutain Spaaaaa!

Here it is…the newest “Lovescape” called the Rain Maker was installed today.  The views are amazing!  Red Mountain Spa created this beautiful serene space for everyone to enjoy.  Your special “Lovelocks” moment of choice couldn’t get any better than this.

The White House…this is the place for a Lovelocks wedding?

The White House in Coeur de`Alene, Idaho is welcoming a Lovelocks “Lovescape”.  The White House invites everyone to engrave a personal message on a Lovelock and “Lock their Love”.   Who will be the first bride and groom to “Lock their Love” at the White House?  We want to know!

PoMo looks to lock up lovers’ biz

Linda Balzer, with her husband George, wants the city of Port Moody to have a “love locks” installation at the Rocky Point Park pier.  Meet Linda at the pier.   Craig Hodge/the tri-city newS

Gettin’ Hitched?

The Hitching Post Lakeside Chapel is ready for all you ready and willing brides and grooms to engrave a padlock with your own personal message…The Lovelocks Hitching Post is now installed.  “Lock Your Love”  in Coeur d`Alene, Idaho.  Lock it up!

Secret Date!

Paul surprised Suzy with the perfect Lovelock date night.  He inscribed his personal message on a Lovelock and the Lovelocks team locked it in a secret place and sent him the coordinates.   Paul and Suzy located the Lovelock and he became her HERO!  So romantic…

Patriotic Lovelocks

Remember your loved ones this Memorial Day.  We should give special thanks to our brave and noble military.  Our NEW Patriotic Lovelocks are now available.  Engrave your own personal message in rememberence of your loved ones.

WOW! He get’s it…

Guys…how romantic!  A little romance goes a long way.  It’s the small things in life that matter the most.  Thanks for the photo!

Field Trip

Today we took a field trip to Zion Canyon Village, Springdale, Utah to see all the new and exciting Lovelocks showing up on the “Lovescape”.  Here are a few of our favorites.  People are having fun engraving these padlocks.  What a fun and unique gift  or traveling idea to just say “I was here”.
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