People Celebrating Their Love

Enjoy this photography!  Such great pictures of of the world wide phenomenon of people “locking their love”.  There are so many custom engraved padlocks and personalized messages written on each one…Luv it!

Great Deals!

Anyone getting married?  Need an awesome wedding photographer?  Well…check out these deals!  

Is one “I DO” enough?

If you have a wedding anniversary coming up, you may be looking to a second wedding ceremony to renew your vows.  Today, many couples are renewing their wedding vows to celebrate a life-time of love and commitment and to strengthen their relationship. A Silver or Gold Anniversary is a popular time to renew wedding vows…

Lovelocks Popping Up All Over

Just found this Buzznet photo stream.  It is one of our Lovelocks ® at Zion Canyon Village in Springdale, Utah.  Low and behold it is my 22 year anniversary Love padlock my hubby and I put on the “Lovescape”.  Too cool!  How do I know it’s mine…the little ring on the shank of the lock…

Wedding Planner in New York City

New York City Wedding Planner and Stylist Spotlights Vegas Weddings Venue Spotlight: Vegas Weddings in Vegas, Nevada… Custom engraved love padlocks aka Lovelocks ® are a hit at Vegas Weddings.  The concept of a walk up and drive thru wedding is definitely different and interesting, but anything is possible in Vegas, right?   It does…

Happy Anniversay #2

Happy Anniversary #2…Skyler and Bailey shared a Lovelocks moment with a personalized engraved love padlock at the St. George “Lovescape”.  They locked their love for years to come. Skyler and Bailey’s blog tells the story better than us, so check it out.  Congratulations and welcome to the Lovelocks family!  

Great Personal Wedding Gift Idea

Once you receive a wedding invitation, it’s time to come up with a great wedding gift idea. The couple invited you to their wedding because you’re special to them, so return the favor by finding a personalized gift for them. Guests want to buy the couple something personal that will be cherished for anniversaries to…