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Glam Valentines Day Wedding

Valentines Day is the day we commit our love to the someone special is our life.  I love these Valentines Day Wedding pictures.  All the wedding vendors that participated did a fabulous job.  I want to share this amazing talent with everyone.  Thanks Britt!

Napa Valley Wine Train Lovelock Bridge

WOW!  Lover’s from all over are “locking their LOVE” at the Lovelock bridge in Napa Valley… Many more will be celebrating their LOVE on Valentines Day.  How romantic is a train ride, dinner for two and a Lovelock?

Lovers in New York and their Love Padlocks

Lovers Padlocks on the Brooklyn Bridge by MARIKA SANTORO & MARCELLO DE MARCO For centuries love and passion have been cornerstones of Italian culture and sources of inspiration not only for countless works of art, but even for social trends. One of the latest is the so called “lovers padlocks”. This modern tradition stems from Federico Moccia’s novel Ho .

More Lovelocks on the Brooklyn Bridge…

The news of Lovelocks finding their way to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York isn’t anything new.  The Lovelock padlocks are making their claim with couples, families and friends.  The Brooklyn Bridge and the East River host the perfect setting for “locking your love” and solidifying your eternal commitments. Please enjoy this photo…thanks for sharing this on Flicker.  Love .

“Lovescape” at Red Rock Candle and Gift in Tlaquepaque!

Here is a wonderful video we want to share.  This beautiful couple locking their love forever at the “Lovescape” at Red Rock Candle and Gift in Tlaquepaque, Arizona!  What a nice addition to their wedding ceremony.  A Lovelock with a custom engraved message to symbolize their eternal LOVE.  Congratulations!


If it’s not a custom engraved Lovelock…it’s just another padlock.  Share a Lovelocks commemorative solid brass double heart shaped love padlock with anyone special in your life.  

Perfect Gift Idea!

Straight from the keyboards of the Lonely Planet team… Perfect gift: Personalized love-locks or pastel padlocks. Or perhaps a Grateful Dead-inspired lock (thanks Etsy). At scenic spots around the world, romantic couples scribble their initials on padlocks and affix them to bridges, hoping this symbol of their passion will last forever (or at least until the local council arrives .

A Slice of Seoul

Here are some great photos of Namsan Tower-a romantic hot spot! You guessed it…LOVE Padlocks too!  Read on. What’s the most impressive, except the views of course are the love padlocks hung by couples on the terrace fences. Both lovers express their love through messages written on the padlocks and after locking them to a fence, they throw .
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