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Love Locks on the Hohenzollern Bridge

 This is a great story… By: Lisa Tsen  I wandered off as I usually did when exploring a new city in another country. Köln is a beautiful place situated in the west of Germany graced by a gothic cathedral that dwarfs the rest of the city. As I stood there admiring the grand cathedral before me, I overheard a .

Great Things Together

Lovelocks, Inc. is proud to be partnering with (SHC) Scott Helping Children Foundation, Gilbert Arizona, in  making an impact through service learning youth programs.  Lovelocks are a sustainable means by which youth and communities will physically commit to being better individuals together and forever!

Baby Naming with Lovelocks “Tree of Life”

The baby naming of beautiful twins Jacinta and Janaya.  The first  and newest version of our “Tree of Life” in Australia.  The family personally engraved their own Lovelocks and locked them to the “Tree of Life”.

We are “Love-lock” Junkies

Miss Jones you have nailed it!  We love this article and photos.  The Global Phenomenon of Love Padlocks.  This newly popular and somewhat profound way of professing your undying love is in the form of a “love-lock”.  The lovers engrave their names onto a padlock, lock it to a fence (preferably one on a bridge) and throw the key .

Salt Lake City Family “Lock Their Love”

Visitors from Salt Lake City, Utah find the Zion Canyon Village “Lovescape” in Springdale, Utah.  They locked their love as a family.  Memories to return to.  Maybe next year?  Hopefully they will be able to find their love padlock among all the other engraved love padlocks.

The Key to Locking Your Love

We are honored to be featured in Southern Utah Bride Magazine.  They have followed this story of a bride and groom to their final destination of LOVE. Surprisingly, it led them around the world and right back to their own backyard in Southern Utah!  Love Locks are now being locally made and on display at 231 S. Main in .

Take an International Trip

Lock Your Love and Throw Away the Key: Love Padlocks Around the World Take an international trip with us now to see the locks of love! We love the collection of pictures focusing on love locks around the world.  Someone has done a great job finding and photographing these love padlocks.  Each custom engraved love padlock represents a token .

Love in Coeur d Alene

Miriam & Casey’ love locking’ their engraved Lovelock the day after their wedding at The White House in Coeur d Alene, Idaho.  Baby makes three!  Congratulations. The Day After  

Another Happy Couple

Another happy couple celebrating their honeymoon at the Tlaquepaque Sedona Arizona “Lovescape”.  Lynn has it going on just outside her Red Rock Candle & Gift shop.  One more custom engraved love padlock to add to the beautiful collection of love. 
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